Races run Thursday Nights at 9pm eastern 

The Trucking For FUN... Truck League is committed to Competitive and Clean Racing.

Our Truck races are 35% in length, fixed setup, cautions, pace lap and damage on, double file starts and restarts

The Commissioner and the Administration are committed to keeping the Trucking For FUN... Truck League fun for all.

Trucking For FUN... Truck League 2001 Rules 


On-Track Rules...The following section contains rules that competitors are expected to observe during all Events. Competitors are expected to abide by them, and in the event that Trucking For FUN... Truck League Officials become aware of violations, either through review of replays, or by direct observation, penalties may be imposed.

Roster will have 26 drivers to aid in having a full field of trucks each week.

Can't make a race? No problem you will receive a provisional of 80 points for that race. 3 Absences in a row without notification will result in termination from league. 

Before the night of the race you will receive an email. In this email it will contain the password, IP Number  and any further instructions you may need.

The drivers Practice will start at 8:30pm EST, Qualifying will start at 9pm EST. A 5 min warm-up will follow Qualifying and the race will immediately follow the warm-up session.

If for some reason your truck does not move on start hit the ESC key and exit race. If we have to restart the race because you didn't ESC you will not receive points for that race.

No negative chat, we run a clean races, so there is no cursing allowed, WTF is not allowed. No negative chatting, save the replay and we will deal with it off the track Absolutely no abusive or inflammatory remarks directed at fellow competitors. We all make mistakes and should realize others will too!!!
Any abusive E-Mailing to one or all members in the league will result in ejection from league.

Connection Quality: In the interest of connection quality, communication software such as, Battle Comm, Firetalk, Roger Wilco, or any other such software will be prohibited from use during any and all league events. The reason for this is to insure the best quality connection possible for all league members and prevent non-users from being the innocent victim of the connection degradation, which can be associated with the use of such software. Any violation of this rule will result in first offense one race suspension with no provisional points awarded for the suspension race. A second violation will result in termination from the league.

1.)Start/Finish Line...The start/finish line shall be considered to extend from the grandstand retaining wall to the work pit wall and any truck rolling through the pits may legally receive the green, yellow, white or the checkered flags.

2.) Race Start...All drivers who are in the official starting line-up must be on the starting grid ready to participate when the pace laps start. Drivers who fail to report to the grid in time will start at the end of the pace line, regardless of their qualifying position.

3.) Starting Position...Starting position will be determined by a series of time trials. Each driver will have an out lap, followed by one or two qualifying laps (varies from track to track). The driver with the fastest qualifying time will be awarded the first starting position, the second fastest will be awarded the second starting position, and so forth. If two qualifying laps are allowed, then the faster of the two laps will be used. In the event that two drivers post identical qualifying times, the starting position shall be determined by the competitor who first posted the time.

4.) Practice Session Length...Unless otherwise provided for in the Supplemental Rules, the length of the practice session shall be 30 minutes. Purpose - Drivers will use practice time to familiarize themselves with the track and weather conditions, adjust their setups (in open setup divisions), and practice running in traffic. Rules - Drivers will obey all pits speed, entrance and exit rules during practice, and will exercise the same courtesy and caution proscribed for race conditions.

5.) Qualifying Session Promptness...Drivers will proceed promptly with qualifying once the qualifying session begins. Courtesy, drivers will refrain from using the chat feature during qualifying until all qualifying has been completed. Chat messages are distracting to other drivers attempting to qualify.

6.) Warm-up Session Length...Unless otherwise provided for in the Supplemental Rules, the length of the Warm-up session shall be 5 minutes. Purpose - The warm-up session is the appropriate time to make final adjustments to setups and practice pit entry and exit.

7.) Pace and Caution Laps Pace Speed...Pace speed varies from track to track according to the individual track rules. Drivers are expected to know the pace lap speed and maintain speed appropriately. Deviating from the pace speed can create problems in the pace line. Staggering Trucks - Drivers will stagger their trucks during pace laps. The first truck in line will take the inside lane, the second truck in line will take the outside lane, the third truck the inside lane again, etc. Gap Between Trucks - Drivers will maintain a half-second gap to the truck in front of them during pace laps. This is to give the driver sufficient reaction time in case a truck in front checks up. Warping During Pace Laps - A driver who experiences warping while in the pace line must maintain pace speed his or her line. Do not stop on the track. If a truck disappears from the pace line, do not try to fill its spot - the other truck may suddenly reappear causing damage to both trucks and possibly others. Incidents Under Pace -- Pace lap incidents are nearly always inexcusable and drivers involved in incidents while under pace will be subject to severe penalties.

8.) Starts and Restarts Control of Starts and Restarts...The truck directly behind the pace truck controls the pace speed after the pace truck exits the track. Double-File Starts - When starting in double-file, the truck that qualified in 2nd position must not pass the truck that qualified 1st prior to the start/finish line. Maintain Pace Speed - Drivers will maintain pace speed until the green flag is shown. No truck is allowed to accelerate prior to the green flag, including both the inside and outside pole sitter. Passing Before Start/Finish Line - No truck may pass to the inside of another truck that started in the same line prior to reaching the start/finish line, except to avoid a wreck or other hazard, such as a slow moving truck. "Inside" is defined as the direction of the first corner.

9.) Race Chat...Use of the chat facility during the race is strongly discouraged, except messages required for safety purposes. Restraint - Drivers should refrain from using any messages other than auto-chat messages during the race. Suggested Auto-chat Messages - The following messages are suggested for auto-chat and may be modified by editing the "AUTOCHAT.MSG" file, where "MyID" is the screen name of the driver: "MyID: Entering pits" "MyID: Exiting pits" "MyID: Pass high" "MyID: Pass low"

10.) Passing...It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to execute a safe and clean pass. It is the responsibility of the driver being overtaken to be aware of the pass attempt, and to allow the overtaking driver room to maneuver. Any driver attempting to race back to the line when a caution comes out will be held responsible for incidents that occur as a result of this and may be subject to penalty if this causes a wreck.

11.) Blocking...Blocking is the act of mirroring the movements of an overtaking truck in an attempt to prevent a pass. Any driver attempting to block another truck will be held responsible for incidents that occur as a result of blocking and may be subject to penalty if blocking causes a wreck.

12.) Reverse Direction...It is forbidden to drive a truck in the direction opposite to race traffic. Any driver who does so will be subject to severe penalties, including suspension or even termination of his or her Trucking For FUN... League Membership.

13.) Slow Traffic...Trucks that are one or more laps down to the race leader, or significantly slower than other traffic are encouraged to yield the racing groove to faster traffic. Unless specifically provided for in the Supplemental Rules, slow traffic will allow faster traffic to pass on this inside in the corners. However, it is still the responsibility of the overtaking truck to safely execute a pass.

14.) Pit Stops Pit Road...A line marks the beginning of pit road and the pace truck marks the end of pit road. Pit Road Speed Limit - A speed limit is enforced on pit road to reduce the hazards of trucks entering and exiting pit stalls, the actual speed limit varies by track. Any truck that exceeds the speed limit will be given a "Stop and Go" penalty. Pit Road Protocol - In general, trucks should remain in the lane furthest from the pit stalls while on pit road, so as to avoid trucks that may be entering or exiting their pit stalls. The driver should move to the lane closest to the pit stalls just before entering his or her pit stall. Upon exiting a pit stall, the driver should move to the furthest lane from the pit stalls as soon as it is safe to do so. Signals - Drivers intending to pit under green flag conditions should signal to the drivers around them by using their auto-chat message ("Enter pits") on the straight prior to the pit entrance. On most tracks, this will be the back straight. Pit Exit - Trucks exiting pit road must remain on the apron and off the racing surface until reaching the back straight. If there is a warm up lane, trucks will use the warm up lane on pit exit. Trucks may never leave pit road via the pit entrance, but must leave via the pit exit - do not reverse out of pit road. All drivers will use the available pit access roads in order to enter the pit road except and unless, the league administration makes an exception via email or verbal instruction prior to the event....(places like Indy and Las Vegas would be notable exceptions)

15.) Post Race...After receiving the checkered flag, all drivers should proceed to their assigned pit stalls. Do not park on the racing surface or attempt to wreck other trucks. Top 3 finishers must save replay and results. After race please email results to : Commissioner@Trucking For FUN...RacingTruckLeague.com

16.) Boot Rule - At the start of each race if 30% of the field gets booted prior to the green flag, a restart of the race will occur. Once the green flag waves however, It is a race any boots will be considered mechanical failure in race results. One exception will be if there is a Mass Boot anytime before the 1/2 way point of the race involving a minimum of 50% of the drivers in the race. This will result in a restart or re-scheduling of the race. Once a race reaches 1/2 way it is considered a race.

17.) Drop Races - At the end of the season we will automatically drop each racers worst 2 finishes. This is done to allow you to miss a race or two and also just in case you get a boot or two, which we never want to happen, but it does.

Fines... Incidents are reviewed by Trucking For FUN... Truck League Officials, if found intentional the following will happen:

1st Incident Warning and/or a 20 Point Fine

Repeat of Incident 20 Point Fine and 1 race Suspension

3rd offense of Incident 20 Point Fine and 3 race Suspension

4th offense of Incident Termination of membership.

Note : The Trucking For FUN... Truck League Commissioner reserves the right to terminate any membership if in the best interest of its drivers and sponsors.


Cruzer - Truck League Administrator / Truck Standings Official / Web Site Tech.

LameDuck - Assistant Truck League Administrator / Truck Standings Official / Web Site Tech